How to choose your wedding photographer

Hey there, I’m right here for you, and I will help you. Choosing your wedding photographer can feel like taking a vine swing through a jungle of talents. It may get overwhelming, so from my experience as a professional photographer, I have created a list of tips to help you begin the journey.

Go (Coco)nuts and stay calm at the same time

Go (Coco)nuts and stay calm at the same time
The planning of the big day will sometimes get stressful, and that’s a part of it all. However, turn the following words into your mantra: “One day I will look back and remember how we planned together. I will enjoy every second of it, the hard, easy, fun, and dull. Because our happily ever after begins here”. Trust the process.

Choose a style you love

Search the net, Instagram, Pinterest, and compare photos. Create a board for a clear overview. Find out what kind of pictures you prefer and what you want to hang up on the walls of your home. What kind of photos did you choose? Photojournalistic, artistic, or more posed? Once you are sure of your favorite editing style it will be easier to start choosing between photographers. Remember, the edit is the photographer’s signature on the images and what makes their work unique in the business. Choose the one who offers both editing och photo style.

Check out their work

Today it’s easy to do all planning and work by holding a phone and that at any time of the day. I raise my hand to that, but I strongly recommend viewing your photographer’s website on a laptop or a computer. It allows you to see the quality of the photos better. Look for pictures of the details, the variation of the location, light, and portraits. Make sure the portfolio can show that your photographer covers your most important moments of the day.

Connect and get to know each other

The bridal couple and wedding photographer will both need to decide to say yes to each other. It’s about personality, connection, and energy. Remember that you will spend more time with your photographer than anyone else. The person will be close and present during intimate moments throughout your wedding day. You must have confidence in your photographer and feel that you are comfortable. Will you be able to relax? Feel happy and excited? Feel safe to show stressful emotions? I get to know my clients before booking to ensure that their personality matches mine. I’m blessed to have couples with whom I still am in contact. Don’t hesitate to meet with several photographers. You will learn something new from every meeting. You will want to read through all contracts before signing on. Besides completing the booking, you and the wedding photographer will know what to expect from each other.

If it’s The Dream, you will not regret it!

For all wedding planning, it’s highly important to set a budget. I will, however, tell you that booking your dream photographer isn’t anything that you will regret. There are no do-overs, and it’s an investment to document your wedding day. I recommend choosing a professional and experienced wedding photographer. Your photos will be cherished for a lifetime and pass on for generations. You will know, go with the gut feeling.

I like people, and I love hearing about people’s dreams, hopes, and the stories they wish to share. I bond with my clients because I see myself taking them under my wing. I feel honored to be chosen, and I take my work very seriously. I create an open dialogue where we can communicate. Don’t hesitate to open up to your photographer. Share your thoughts, visions, and expectations.

I hope this will be a little help to get you started. I’m happy to answer any questions that might arise.

All the best to find your photographer for your YES!

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