February 20, 2020

Paula + Hugo

Gorgeous bridal couple, beautiful venue and perfectly planned wedding with the cool theme “Bond”. So, how was their magical day? I’ll tell you all about it, but first: “A Martini. Shaken, not stirred”- Famously quoted by James Bond in the movie Dr.No. Okay, all jokes a side, here it goes.

It was the 8th of September 2018 and when the sun rose above the roof tops we were all crossing our fingers for a warm and sunny autumn day. I joined the couple at their venue Åsgård in Mariestad, Sweden early in the morning and photographed long after the stars lit up the night sky. It was a magnificent location where the dinner and party was held. I feel happy to have been inside the mansion to capture true love surrounded by ravishing interior and details from the floors up to the ceiling. The light transmission from the large windows, I can say for sure, is every photographers dream.

Paula and Hugo got wed in a church right across the water from the mansion and they made a grand entrance back to the venue in a boat and to every guests surprise a hired stuntman tried kidnapping the bride as she was ready to step on to land. Luckily her brave husband saved her! Just as dramatically as bond would have.

After Hugos heroic scene friends and family were seated for their three course dinner and it didn’t take long until they got the party started. Laughter, love, heart warming speeches and a lot of dancing in their celebration of Paula and Hugos love. There were sparks of genuin happiness. All though all of the rooms were large, laughter filled every inch of the place.

I’ll let the following photos tell the story from begging to the end.

Information below is not written in a collaboration, I genuinely want to recommend all that I think is good and believe in.

Venue: Åsgård in Mariestad, Sweden.
Flowers: Ösmo Plantshop AB
Wedding planners: “Great Weddings” by Johanna Kajson. Planners: Michelle Johansson, assistant: Malin Siljebäck.
Wedding dress: By Malina.

Visit the bride and grooms (inspiring Influencers in Sweden) social media:
Paula: Paulas.me @paulas.me
Hugo: @huggson @cleandrinks

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There are a few more photos from this wedding to be seen in the web gallery, click on this link HERE.